Why you need to study Statistic

September 9, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Business & Marketing

The Story Behind Statistic

Hey everybody, this is Daaniyal. I’m always scouting to share & shed some lights on something useful and doubts we might have. 

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By Daaniyal

So in secondary school I had never even heard of statistics
and I knew I liked math and I knew I liked science.
While still in secondary school I went to a conservatory for music and I studied Classical Guitar and that is where I heard about statistic when my guitar teacher uses statistic in the form of sound and how chords and notes are being linked to each other. I got more exposure 
when I started my tertiary education and I was taking a bunch of math and economics classes for my business course
And then in my junior year I took a probability and statistics class
I remember sitting there in the classroom thinking
wow, this is a really interesting problem
and he’s using statistics of probability theory to try to solve it.
Statistics is amazing because it has many diversification’s
from search results be it on Google, Bing, Yahoo or any search engines. These can be recommendations for what you should be shopping for on Amazon, Qoo10 or Alibaba perhaps based on our search history. And  
if you’re watching a youtube video, if you might have noticed at the end of the video you will get recommendations for other videos too. This is what we call statistics where we search habits which are being used to give you those recommendations. 
I’ve seen statistics in ice skating, I’ve seen statistics in agriculture.
I mean I’ve seen statistics in climate control too.
Statistics can actually be anything that you like
anything that you enjoy, anything that you want to do and
anything that you’re passionate about. You can take statistics and 
I’m very lucky to get to use statistics to answer some of the questions that I think are
the most important questions about social justice and human rights violations
and on my best days I get to spend the majority of my day doing data analysis to answer questions for my thesis in contribution to evidence to war crime. There are statistical software package out there too and Google being the major search engine will notify the creator
every time someone uses it and people have used it to analyze DNA
and find genes that are related to cancer. Another way to see what statistic can do is by using the food pyramid. We can come up with suggestions.  You know of what you should eat
and how much of it you should eat and it’s all bacause we try those things by using statistics.

“So statistic is critical for everybody entering the workforce because so much of industry, government and everything today is data driven just like it’s important that we all know how to read. We all need to know statistics. Just look around you, everywhere you are there is data, there’s information.”

Even the lottery numbers are based on statistic. Ever wondered why we have already lost by not considering statistic when we draw out our numbers. It doesn’t mean that understanding statistic can simply let us win the major prize but by knowing the odds and frequencies of numbers, we would be much closer to win our dream prize.  
Whatever your passions are, statistics will be involved
we are producing so much data these days regardless of the field that you pursue on,
whether it is astronomy, criminal justice or medicine. 
Going forward you’ve got to know statistics. 
I would recommend reading this Book called Understanding Probabilities

You can buy it at Amazon HERE or you can instantly download HERE for just a fraction of the price and instantly start your statistical journey.   

This is a great book to own. The second half of the book may require some math, but whatever it is, it appears to be the right mix for someone who wants to learn but doesn’t want to be scared with the “lemmas”.