Why Everyone Needs a Website?

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The Story Behind Why a Website is Very Important Up Till Today!

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By Daaniyal

So today, I’m gonna talk about why everybody needs a website.
Whether you’re an individual and you plan to work at a company for the rest of your life, whether you are an entrepreneur, especially if you’re an entrepreneur, whether you’re a small business, whether you’re a hobbyist,
you probably need a website at this point. This is what it’s gonna be like for the next 10, 20 years until we do something else with technology.
Now, there are a couple of reasons why I say that and it’s not even something that’s super modern or like revolutionary right now. To be honest, like the reason that I got like a job at an ad agency years ago in Malaysia was specifically because I had a website and they found me in Google. You know, that’s it. That’s the reason. I actually got my first job as a web designer in an IT company because I had a website to show with portfolio of work. Those things all mattered even back then as far back as like the early 2000s. They certainly matter now in 2019. And there’s something that are a matter of public awareness at this point in our mainstream.
There are a couple of advantages though that you really need to think about in terms of why you need a website.

” It does actually raise your public profile and awareness of you or your company and it makes you easier to be found and thus easier to be hired too. “

It also means that if someone is trying to hire you and they’re doing a Google search for you, and believe me they will, then you have a better chance of controlling the information that appears and also impressing them with the fact that you might be the top person for your name in your area in Google. So that’s important to note and that could be an advantage to you in the hiring process.

So it’s good to have a website with your body of work and your resume and your contact information even if you plan to work for someone else forever.
In the event that you’re not able to work for someone else forever and you need a new job, this becomes some of your proof, especially if you can’t necessarily bring things over from your reputation from the other company.
Either the company went out of business or your relationship with them didn’t end well and you can’t use the work that you did there or use them as a reference. 
So WALA! Having your own website where you’ve been marketing yourself, documenting your progress, your journey, your credentials, your body of work all matters because it is your leverage in getting that new job and getting hired again. If you’re an entrepreneur, then this is even more important because this is how you’re going to sell things for the next 20 years. You’re going to use a website to do it and you’re going to do it more effectively. Also, your website is going to be your best employee. It’s gonna be marketing while you’re sleeping. It’s never gonna call in sick and it’s never gonna ask for a raise. 
So if you’re in business, hire a website to do your work. And again, your website is not necessarily gonna do all your work, or it might, depending on your business model, but ultimately, your website is gonna sell more books. Your website’s gonna book you more speaking engagements. Your website is going to get you more consulting clients.
That’s what websites are here to do. They’re here to represent us as avatars
when we’re not present in the real world and more importantly, so that people can search for us and find us on their demand and for what their needs are and say, yup, I’m gonna make an informed buying decision based on this. So those are the reasons why I feel that everybody needs a website. 
Now, that being said, you might not know where to start. I’m gonna guide you with the steps that actually help you with the launching of a website. I’m gonna do some pointers for those of you who want to build it from scratch. I’m also gonna guide you on how you can hire a qualified web designer. I actually do a lot of web designs projects for clients here at HanQover. It’s time consuming at times but that’s just what I’m passionate about, doing consulting for brand development and for marketing too. 
That being said, we are giving 2 months of free premium managed service for first 30 new customers + additional 10% off for those who signed up for our Business or Ultimate Web Design Package Solution. 
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Since I’m in web design so I know how to help you like sniff out who’s good and who’s not. The other thing I’m gonna do, is I’m gonna help you figure out what you need in a website. Some of you are dramatically overpaying for your websites and you’re dramatically overpaying for things like web hosting. Web hosting doesn’t have to be super expensive. If you’re not planning to get like a 100,000 visits to your website per month, then you can use a cheaper web hosting plan. I recommend Blue Host because they’re super affordable and they’re reliable and you can get customer service too.
I’m actually using them for a secret project that I’m not publishing yet, but also a lot of my clients use them as well and so I would recommend them
off of that. The other thing that I know a lot of you are struggling with is figuring out what to name your website. This could be very difficult. I’m gonna do a whole blog post that addresses on that too. So if you have questions about websites, leave those in the comment section. I might actually do new blog posts around your question so that would actually be very helpful to me to create more interesting contents
and allow me to help you a little better. 
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