What Routines Can Do To You

September 3, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Health, Fitness & Beauty

The Story Behind Why Routine Is A Must!

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By Daaniyal

I want to talk about something that I’ve been utilizing this year to really help
me to be able to achieve success in getting a whole lot of stuff done and
being able to stick it out to the end. I actually created my online music course training this year. That was my goal and actually finished that goal early and I want tell you one of the key things that I used to do that. So one of the key factors in being able to accomplish this amount of work and
that short amount of time was having a routine this might seem like a very
basic and trivial thing but this was so key and so important to me and I realize how important it is to develop a routine. Now earlier this year I’d left my full-time employment in order to kind of strike it out on my own but one thing that I did immediately when I did that was I set up a routine for myself I basically treated my own work that that I was working for myself my
self-employed work like a job I like a nine-to-five job I set up a schedule

” I have a routine and I know on what days I’m gonna do what, for example I lift weights on Monday-Wednesday-Friday. I always run on Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday and when I start the day I have a specific routine that I follow…. “

Checking my email and depending on what that specific day is but I set up that routine ahead of time and I know exactly what time I’m going to start working, what time I’m gonna stop working, and the process that I’m going
to follow. I have all these routines built in so every day I know exactly
what I’m gonna be doing at any time in that day and it might it might sound a little bit boring and perhaps you know keeping a routine like this it’s not
something that you can do in the long run you need to take some breaks but
this is a great way to be able to focus and get things done because I found for me that if I don’t know what I’m supposed to do next what I’m supposed to work on that I tend to procrastinate or delay and not get stuff done but if I have a routine if I know exactly where I’m supposed to be and what I’m supposed to be doing at a specific time I am a lot more successful
and that’s really the the main technique that I use to be able to accomplish
creating 30 courses in in less than a year’s worth of time and you know these are long a couple hour long courses that
I’m recording and developing curriculum for so this was a pretty big undertaking as well as getting posts out every week getting YouTube
videos get up in code podcast out every week it’s all built into my routine and because of that routine I’m able to achieve that success so hopefully this is something that can benefit you a lot
I’d encourage you to start out and just come up with a very basic routine a
skeleton of how you’d like your week to go and and and develop that more
obviously you can’t just come up with a really big routine and and just
automatically switch over to that just start introducing things you know put
some constants in your week so that you have some repetition so you have some things that you can count on and then
start adding more and more until that you get into a very nice routine and
you’ll find that things are a little bit easier when you have this routine set up
and that you can really control the direction of your life better you can
alter things in your routine to change outcomes to change the direction that
you’re going rather than you know when you don’t have a routine it’s kind of
like you’re floating in a boat without a sail or without the direction it’s very
hard to set a direction if you don’t have a routine that’s gonna help take
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