What really matters for a Happy Life?

March 6, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Learn

The team at HanQover feels that, happiness represents The Joy of Living. And the joy of living for us is about sharing and that is why we build HanQover, a site that Bridges Community. When users are happy to use the platform, it gives the HanQover team the joy of pursuing further, and that is happiness for us. Imagine this, you have just bought a super car like the Ferrari. You can drive around town, press on the accelerator, hear the engine fiercely roaring with a crisp note on the exhaust. You will definitely feel the thrill like never before and you might be gasping for air afterwards. And you said to yourself, oh wow! And at that moment too, all that excitement is actually bottled-up inside of you and only you. So in order to exhilarate further that happiness, you have to viral it to someone else. Yup, that’s right! “Viral it!”And when you share that experience you felt, be it to your parents, your partner, your friends or even a passer-by who commended on you, then the happiness kind of complete itself as you have passed it on to others what you felt and in the process makes it a mini viral around you. In short, it takes two hands to clap, if you share no matter how little, if another person appreciate and felt that happiness, you too in return will feel happy.


Likewise for Prateek; a Motivational Coach/Engineer/Traveller/Writer & a Techie. He says, nothing matters for a happy life!

As quoted by him. “You should know this truth that as long is a person is satisfied with what he has and is fulfilling his desires he feels Happy.

There are no limits of being happy just less or more. You can try finding happiness in whatever thing you like, also with the things your loved one may like. But it is not at all necessary to have those definitions of happiness true to you, you need less, you are content, you are happy. You will be happy in your own space (you are introvert), you are happy with people around (you are extrovert). You life brings it you or you search for it,no matter what you will find the way to be happy. The person’s life is relevant only because he is trying hard to be happy. Some find happiness in wealthy living, being with loved one, sex, living in a villa, owning Bugatti, travelling Dubai etc., anything.


For Nisha Sharma who is still studying, you have to find out which defines happiness for you, you have to create your own happiness.

Have you ever felt that happiness feeling which you get after doing something good, whether it’s making someone smile on your lame jokes or helping someone who needs you.

Do good for everyone, think good for everyone, no fights, no regrets, keep moving, say what you feel about people, appreciate them.

Most importantly :- love yourself.


A Mithibai College Student Bhavya Nandu, ;

First we need to clarify what happiness is? Is it just money? Attention from people? Fame? Glitter? Or is it something that can be attained without all of this? For a poor man who has been hungry for 10 days and gets a proper meal on the 11th day he will be the happiest man on earth but for a business man who failed to bargain and couldn’t get his costs lower he will be sad. Why is it so? The more you ponder over it the more you will understand that happiness is intangible and it can be attained without material goods. One can Stay Happy ALWAYS if he wishes to. You just need to try and understand how to!


For Mustafa Ali, a Research Fellow (2018-present); Life will take you through “situations”. Contentment is the only thing that matters at the end. For that you need to build healthy relationships, have a purpose, be humble and meditate.


So guys what really matters to you for a Happy Life? Share your thoughts and help spread the post. Sometimes a small gesture might goes a long way impacting on someone’s day.