Web Design & Development

Quality Web Design

You have 4 seconds to impress your potential customers. This is the time it takes to click away. This means that your website has a lot of work to do in a very short time. It is therefore important that your website not only involves users visually, but also delivers the information they are looking for exactly where they expect them to be. We approach all of our web design projects and digital marketing with this philosophy to ensure that every website we create delivers a solid ROI.

Seamless Browsing

Just because website designers use the latest web browser technology doesn't mean your visitors do. Your website must look and function correctly regardless of the browser you choose.Every HanQover web project includes a test phase in which we test your new website in the most common (and somewhat less common) browsers that are used today for a Seamless Browsing Experience.

Socialized Ready

For all types of business owners, it's important to take advantage of the powerful social media marketing tool that can help you grow your business by creating valuable connections with your customers.We ensure that our web design and web development are always ready to integrate into all common social media feeds on your website. As you tweet, share, pin, and upload, your customers will never miss your important updates, while staying up-to-date with your plans, offers, and news on your website.

Full Functionality

We take coding seriously by making sure everything is fully functional. While it is nowhere near as interesting as a beautiful design or great book, we believe that programming your website will also contribute to your business success.A visitor may not see a bad code, but they will experience it from broken links, strange display errors, slow loading pages or a faulty contact form. These problems will frustrate your visitors and ultimately cost you money as well as hurting your brand's image.

We have put together the right combination for a successful website that fits your budget. All of our website packages can be customized to include only what you need and leave out what you do not need.

Websites that fits your budget

We want you to love your website. That is why we offer you the choice between a fully customized website or a standard template according to your budget.

SEO friendly

All of our websites are search engine friendly, but we do offer SEO packages to top up your website so you can improve search engine rankings.

Live in 10-14 Days

We know how important it is to get your website online fast. This is why we have tuned our processes to aim to get your site live within 14 days.

Wordpress CMS Setup

Using Wordpress Content Management System, new website owner can learn to maintain their website with ease. We will guide on how to login to your Wordpress Dashboard.

Free 1 Year Domain (.com)

Based on name availability, we will secure Top-Level-Domain (TLD) for you preferably (.com). Free suggestions from us.

Free 1 Year Hosting

1GHz CPU + 1GB Ram + 10GB SSD which is ideal hosting specs for a high-traffic website. With 99.99% uptime, our hosting is burstable and expandable according to website volume.

Free 1 Year SSL

1 year of Encrypted Secure Socket Layer on selected packages for your website with green pad-lock to increase customer's trust for any online payments made on your website. Your domain will begin with https://

100% Rights & Ownership

After the end of your contract you will retain all the rights to your custom website. No hidden clause that will keep you tied down. You may opt for managed website for trouble free technical assistance by us.

Full Setup of Hosting Account

We handle all the technical part of setting-up your hosting account including domain pointing, SSL, C-Panel / D-panel & more.

Email Setup

Full setup of email addresses eg: [email protected] on your new domain with 2GB storage per email. Direct links to log-in to your emails will be provided

Mobile Responsive Design

Our coded website template will have the latest design standards in mind to ensure your custom website will look good on all devices as well as different browsers.

Social Media Integration

We integrate social media into your website to make your presence known across all major social networks

Our Standard Website Packages

We have a simple pricing structure based on the number of pages in a standard package which is an all in one affordable website setup ready to be online in 2 weeks or less.
$ 199 / One Time

3 Page Basic

  • 1 - 3 Page Design ($300 value)
  • 1yr Hosting + Setup Included ($60 value)
  • 1yr Domain + Setup Included ($40 value)
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Best suited for Individuals / Businesses that do not require a lot of contents to present to their visitors
  • 1 Custom Header / Logo / Business Name / Slogan
  • Each page can contain up to 200 words of Information with 1 picture or graphics in the ‘body’ of each page
  • Email Configuration + 3 Email Address Setup (Additional Email at $10 per email)
  • Your website LIVE in 7 days. Provide Your Content and We'll Build Your Site!
$ 399 / One Time

8 Page Startup

  • Design up to 5 custom pages ($900 value) eg: Homepage, About Us, Services, Testimonials, Contact Us
  • Free 3 Pages - Sitemap, Privacy, Terms pages ($150 value)
  • 1yr Hosting + Setup Included ($60 value)
  • 1yr Domain + Setup Included ($40 value)
  • Mobile Friendly - Cross Browser Compatible - Responsive Web Design ($350 value)
  • FREE On Page SEO Package for all pages ($500 value)
  • Each page can contain up to 350 words of Information in the ‘body’ of each page and you may include up to 15 Picture Gallery in total (your personal pics)
  • Email Configuration + 8 Email Address Setup (Additional Email at $10)
  • Free SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Green Padlock for your web url (Value $30)
  • Your website LIVE in 10-14 days.Provide Your Content and We'll Build Your Site!
$ 599 / One Time

13 Page Entrepreneur

  • Design up to 10 custom pages ($1500 value) eg: Homepage, About Us, Services, Testimonials, Contact Us, Blog, Gallery & more
  • Free 3 Pages - Sitemap, Privacy, Terms pages ($150 value)
  • 1yr Hosting + Setup Included ($60 value)
  • 1yr Domain + Setup Included ($40 value)
  • Mobile Friendly - Cross Browser Compatible - Responsive Web Design ($350 value)
  • FREE On Page SEO Package for all pages ($500 value)
  • Each page can contain up to 500 words of Information in the ‘body’ of each page and you may include up to 30 Picture Gallery in total (your personal pics)
  • Email Configuration + 13 Email Address Setup (Additional Email at $10)
  • Free SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Green Padlock for your web url (Value $30)
  • Your website LIVE in 10-14 days. Provide Your Content and We'll Build Your Site!
$ 799 / One Time

Podcast / Radio Theme Design / 10 Item Ecommerce Store

  • Choose from the ever popular in-trend Podcasting / Radio Themed / Ecommerce Web Design ($1500 value)
  • Includes up to 10 custom pages ($1500 value) eg: Homepage, About Us, Services, Testimonials, Contact Us, Blog, Gallery & more+ Free 3 Pages - Sitemap, Privacy, Terms pages ($150 value)
  • 1yr Hosting + Setup Included ($60 value)
  • 1yr Domain + Setup Included ($40 value)
  • Mobile Friendly - Cross Browser Compatible - Responsive Web Design ($350 value)
  • FREE On Page SEO Package for all pages ($500 value)
  • Each page can contain up to 500 words of Information in the ‘body’ of each page and you may include up to 50 Picture Gallery in total (your personal pics)
  • Email Configuration + 25 Email Address Setup (Additional Email at $10)
  • Free SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Green Padlock for your web url (Value $30)
  • Includes main page Feature Slider
  • Upload and configure shopping cart system ($350 value)
  • Up to 10 products (these are pages) uploaded with pictures and prices
  • Capability to process payments with Paypal
  • Shipping Capability, set-up as FREE or FLAT FEE shipping
  • Events (Remotes) Calendar
  • Capability to connect to your LISTEN LIVE source
  • Youtube / Vimeo Videos Capability
  • Capability to Sell Advertising Space
  • Your website LIVE in 10-14 days. Provide Your Content and We'll Build Your Site!

Our Premium Website Solution

For a trouble free website, we can manage and fully customize your website to fit your business goals. Tell us your idea and we will do the rest.

Professional Customizer

Only $1999 / One Time
  • Up to 20 Unique Custom Design Webpages + Professional On-Page SEO ($2500 value)
  • Free 2yr Hosting + 2yr Domain + 2yr SSL Setup and Configuration ($200 value)
  • Free 1 Logo Design + Free 1 Favicon Design + Sliders + Popup Forms + Photo Gallery + Blog & Many More ($300 value)
  • Site Speed Optimized + Mobile Friendly - Cross Browser Compatible - Responsive Web Design ($500 value)
  • All Ecommerce Modules ($900 value)
  • All Marketing Modules ($900 value)
  • Live Chat / Whatsapp / Social Media Integration ($500 value)
  • Unlimited Email @yourdomain
  • Up to 5 Time Revisions
  • 10 Pages of Copywriting + 30 Free Stock Images ($1500 value)
  • 10hrs Support & Minor Updates + Free 3mths of Lite Managed Service & Support for a trouble-free website Presence Online ($1090 value)
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Lite Managed Service and Support

Only $1 / Day Paid Bi-annually (6mths)
  • Backups
  • Website Performance Reports
  • Monitor Domain Registration and Hosting
  • Troubleshooting (when problem arises)
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Intensive Managed Service and Support

Only $10 / Day Paid Monthly
  • You get all of The Lite Managed Service & Support
  • You get 10hrs of Theme Customization per month billed (Usually priced at $100/hr)
  • Free Consultation on Additional Features and Functionality
  • Minor Adjustments on Content Development and Procurement (text and graphics)
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What YOU Need to Get Started?

  1. You Need a Domain Name (We can help you choose if you need one)
  2. Clear Idea of your Company, Brand and Message (What is the website about? Mission statement)
  3. You Supply the Content (Logo, pictures, contact info, links, any copy you have for the site)
  4. Let us know, up to 5 Keyword Phrases that people might type into a search engine to find you
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I Want to order a Web Package, what shall I do?

Before ordering any design package, please make sure we discuss or have been in contact regarding about your project. The design process flows in 7 easy step;

  1. Contact Us
  2. Provide Example
  3. Place Your Order
  4. Provide Domain / Hosting Info
  5. Email Your Content
  6. Preview Your Design
  7. It’s Your (Full Website Done!)

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Step 1 - Contact Us

Make a contact with us through our email form regarding ‘what you need’. Important to do this ‘before’ ordering, so we are both on the same page about your project. Just click on the button below and tell us your vision. We will give you a totally Free Quote on your project with no strings attached.

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Step 2 - Provide Example

Please provide a few example of sites you might like your site to resemble for colors and possible layout. You can tell us the web address or you can send an image you have about the website.

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Step 3 - Place your order

The work is carried out on First Come, First Served Basis. Therefore, it is important that you submit your order as soon as we have completed our email chat, so that we can plan on your project. Choose a package that you like, or stick to the one that we have already discussed and place your order to get started.

Your draft will be planned out and an approximate completion date will be given. This largely depends on our current workload at the time of your order but rest assured at all times we will deliver within the time frame.

IMPORTANT: Much of the completion of your design on time depends on the information you provide to us. In general, we will only start your project when we have all the information and content from you. Please send all required information as soon as possible.

As soon as you order, you will receive a receipt from PayPal.

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Step 4 - Provide Domain / Hosting Info

Upon ordering, an email is sent for things YOU need to do to for your web design, including:

    • Register a Domain + Hosting with Dhosting. This is important to be done on your side so that you own the domain and hosting personally.
    • Provide us your preferred domain name and hosting info.
    • Afterwards, we will send you a specific link for the transaction.
    • Confirm and pay with your Paypal.
    • Once successful, we will reimburse back the full amount back to your Paypal.  (Usually only $12.99 with our link)
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Step 5 - Email Your Content

Provide us the page names you would like to have on your website eg: ‘Home’, ‘About Us’, ‘Services’, ‘Contact’ and etc.) Please provide content for each page (including pictures and graphics if you have any).

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Step 6 - Preview Your Design

We’d like to complete your design before we show it to you instead of showing you one piece at a time. As soon as we start your website, you will usually not hear from us until you receive the preview via email.

Once we have finished your design, you will be able to check it on your chosen web address / domain. You can spend a few days on the site and make minor changes that needs to be made. (I say ‘minor changes’ because we should be ‘pretty good’ in sync ‘with the result of the design based on our communication’ before ‘the order’. However, if major design changes are required due to ‘my boss doesn’t like it’ or “I want to try something different,” additional fees may apply to complete your design.)

Once I’ve made the necessary updates and you’ve approved the design, the LIVE website will be published for your domain.

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Step 7 - It's Yours!

Congratulations! You now have your website, which means you can do pretty much anything you want. Update it. Change it. Move it. Copy it. Sell ​​it. There are some limitations, but it’s basically up to you. No more “licenses” you have to pay each year just to “rent” your website.

You will receive your site credentials and a brief overview of the basics of the upgrade so you can make fundamental changes to your site. (You will also have your hosting credentials for your d-panel and FTP.)

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Important Notes (Read This Before You Order)

Who is it for? 

Our Standard Website Packages is an affordable website design and SEO package for individuals and companies who need to present themselves professionally online and at the same time rank in search engines. It has Responsive design too, all without breaking the bank. With full on-page SEO for every page of your website, this is by far one of the best and most complete web design offering on the internet. Because we know, making a website can be an expensive process where it can cost you in incremental of $2500 and up. Now everyone can have a website with our Affordable Standard Website Package. What are you waiting for? Request a Free Quote from us.

What do you mean by ‘you provide content’?

Obviously you know your company better than we do. So the information you provide is the information that is displayed on the website. We cannot continue without this information as your website should contain a logo, graphics, images and content for each page. It is important that you provide the desired content on the website the first time. For example, once the website has been created with the content you provide and you then wish to have more changes and include other contents (e.g. changing images, adding more features and pages and etc.), the price of the service will go up too. We will do our best to keep prices down by understanding what you want for the website at the first consultation. If we make you an offer for a website we are discussing and things change drastically or you want to add more to the website, the costs will of course increase.

Don’t you supply the content with your design packages?

In general, no, we do not provide any content in Our Standard Package. In order to stay within the package prices, all content for the website is provided by you. We take the content you provide and arrange it to match the design of the website. Who knows more about your business than you? It is important that the information on the website is provided as you want it to be.

We can provide all of the content of your website if you prefer to stay completely away from it. This takes many hours of research to get to know your industry and generally runs three to five times (or more) than the package price. If you’re interested in exploring this option you may opt for our Professional Customizer Plan where you will have 10 Pages of Copywriting free from us.

Will there be any refunds?

All sales are final and there are NO refunds for Our Standard Website Packages, the reason being we want to quickly create a great website for you to use right away. We will ensure you will receive the end product of your website within the agreed specified time frame. Our design process will only start when we have all the information and content from you. Therefore, make sure to provide ALL of the content required for your website as quickly as possible. In order to be able to offer these low prices, it is important that you describe the website you want to design and do it right the first time. We have to visualize and make what you see for your design a reality.

Unless other agreements have been made, the order is considered “completed” if information and / or content is not received within 90 days of the purchase date.

For our Premium Website Solution, we will always clear any questions or doubts that you might have. Therefore, we believe that it is a consensual agreement between both parties before the web design process proceed. At this time, there will be a detailed proposal. At all times you may cancel before you make any payments because we do provide free consultation on any web project queries. We welcome any questions you might have and it’s okay to ask.

What is ‘Basic SEO’?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a term that essentially describes how websites can be submitted to the search engines. Websites and web pages should be “optimized” using a form of your main keyword (what your website is primarily about) to give you the best possible chance of ranking your website in search engines. The better and more targeted the optimization, the better the chances of success. In my design packages, I do a “starter SEO” on every page of the website to give the website a “start”. This includes the optimization of page names and titles. Many achieve excellent rankings for certain keywords with ONLY “starter SEO” however there is a no guarantee on just one technique to counter SEO.

The type of SEO service you offer and how much is it?

We believe that good, thorough on-page search engine optimization is the best way for your website to have a chance to appear higher in search engine rankings. Building a good, solid, and intelligent SEO website is the key. In the ‘SEO Deluxe’ package, we continue where we left the ‘SEO Starter’ package, adding SEO descriptions and keywords to each page. We also optimize images, headings, links and connect to Facebook, Twitter and Facebook and other social networks to your website. Nothing “automated” is done here. Each page is optimized manually. Depending on your design package, this service will cost around $100 per page only paid once. You may request a quote on SEO Deluxe Package if you are interested.

Ultimately, there is the “SEO Premium” package, which includes the entire “SEO Deluxe” package, then jumps to the advertising page and actively promotes your website every month with a 6-month contract (as opposed to the required “year” – Contracts from competitors). through press releases, articles written and submitted in directories, blog activity, Facebook, Twitter and other activities on social websites, and more. This ranges from $300 to $600 (monthly). You may request a quote on SEO Premium Package if you are interested.

What do you mean by “chance to appear higher in search engine rankings”? Do you not guarantee placements?

For example, if your company is about “Aircon Servicing” and you expect people to find you when they type “Aircon Servicing”, Google will return “49,500,000 results”. What makes your website better than the other 49,499,999 websites when it comes to rankings? Exactly! That is why we say that as somewhat a ‘chance’. People are looking for “instant results”, which is unreal most of the time as they have forgotten about “on-site optimization” that needs to be integrated in the early stages of your site design.

Google itself says, never believe when an SEO company promises you Page 1 rankings. Nobody can promise you a top page ranking however you may work out great results from “long-tail keywords”.

Can I update my own website or do I have to pay for it every time I need something?

The ultimate goal in using our web package service is to set you up and let lead you on how to run your own website. However, we are always around if you need us to do something for you that you think you can’t do on your own. Your site contains all the basic instructions and credentials that you can use to access the admin panel and make changes / updates to your site within the WordPress CMS (Content Management System). While it is not difficult to learn and do most of it, if not ALL, of the updates yourself, some customers ask us to do the “more difficult” updates for them, or need help on how to add pages and other features to their websites as their websites grow. We will advise you accordingly if you have any questions along the way. We try our best to answer them in the easiest way possible and hopefully you are able to do it on your own. However if you still need us to do the work for you, our standard price is $ 50 an hour with minimum job of 1 hour. Tell us your issues and we are always here to help. To get more savings, we encourage you to opt for our Intensive Managed Service & Support if you have any jobs need to be done after your website has completed. We will then calculate accordingly if the service plan is enough to cover the job needs to be done on your side.



If You Love It, Share It!
If You Love It, Share It!