The Truth About Working at Home Everybody Should Know

In a company / business, the relationship between an Employer and the Employee is vital to its success, built upon trust and integrity. With the recent pandemic of Coronavirus, many businesses were caught off guarded, as lock down being implemented world wide to curb the spread. And the pseudo of working at home is rapidly being adopted during these uncertain times. A Shifting Technology towards Digital Transformation is on the move right now as businesses adapts progressively for the sudden change.

However, it is interesting to know that Canada has been been practicing the art of working from home even way before 2020. And according to Stats Canada (Data derived specifically from 2016), 12.6 % of the work force constituting to 2.5 million Canadians has already contributed their work to their employer situated directly from the comfort of their own home. Risen to a level never seen before with escalating improvements on collaboration between hardware and software.

More than a decade ago, one of the Major Telco Company in Canada-Telus Communications found out that they had an issue with Customer Satisfaction. Their research somehow correlates the issue directly to its Employee’s Engagement. And based on their findings, the Healthy Engagement were only 53 percent of which almost half of their workers on board felt less motivated at work. As pointed out by Craig Thornton who was then the VP of service movement options at Telus, it was a major issue that needs an immediate rescue. The team then initiated a plan of approach to redefine on how they work.

They outlay an interesting approach and let their employees opt to work remotely from their home. The change was a spot-on and earn them a Top Tech Employer by Glassdoors’ Canada.

And up to date, approximately 73% of staffs at Telus works from their home. And this resulted in:

  1. Increase in Employee Engagement 53% to 83%
  2. Increase in Client Satisfaction
  3. Saving time on Commuting
  4. Saving money – minimized its realty by 1,000,000 square feet equating to $50,000,000 a year in savings
  5. An extra $5 million in yearly savings from travel expenses
  6. The ability to work with and keep top skilled employees that needs a flexible work schedule
  7. Employees complete satisfaction
  8. Improved performance levels
  9. Ability to keep track and view the efficiency of their mobile workforce

The risk and issue to consider as highlight by them were:

  1. Keeping your mobile workforce motivated
  2. Great deals of personal data – ensuring personal privacy and security of the company’s information when not housed onsite
  3. Setting up of mobile labor force with the best infrastructure, ensuring the employees work is safe and secured
  4. Setting up of Software and Hardware infrastructure – mobile phones and laptops established by the company should be protected
  5. The security risks of human element

Obviously there will be a risk or threat involved with a work from home approach. But if played carefully well with training and policies in-placed, in your organization, it will definitely pays off well in the long run for a Digital Transformation.

Let’s take control of your business today and explore your options and start with something free or affordable.

I personally think that action has to be taken now. With a comprehensive guidance and what to do first can prepare your digital business transformation regardless of size or trade. What do you think? Is it now or later? Are you up for a change?

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