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Customer Reviews

This app is incredible. As a business owner myself, I need some reliable service at a go. Although the search engines is the go to, to find services, I feel that the results may just be too overwhelming to source for help. It’s Brilliant that HanQover have consolidated the important key services, and it’s very appropriate for business owners and non business owners to use too. Johore is so huge, but Johore Bahru is kind of like the capital city of Malaysia with airport, ferry and few minutes drive to Singapore. So it’s upbeat and high demand and we need this type of services to accommodate the people here.

Azlina Aziz

Business Owner with 3 kids

I love that they offer a wide selection of Services, including the Peer Sharing. Sometime I feel that I am drowning at work as I am trying to balance my hectic schedule and this app that they built will definitely address some of my needs almost quite instantly.

Amber Chia

Bank Manager



We’re Gonna Make Our Dreams Come True.

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