Teaching at Udemy

Teach at Udemy

Teach at Udemy

UDEMY in a Nutshell & Trustworthiness

+ Is an American Online-Learning Platform

+ Targeting professional adults and students

+ Started in May 2010

+ More than 50 million students and 57,000 instructors (January 2020)

+ Courses taught in over 65 languages

+ Over 295 million course enrolled

+ Students and Instructors derived from 190+ countries

+ Two-third of subscribers lives outside of America

+ Has over 5,000 enterprise customers

+ Upskilling 80% of Fortune 100 companies employees


How do you teach at Udemy?

+ Register an account either using an Email / Facebook / Google / Apple account

Your Checklist:

  1. You need a Computer / Laptop
  2. You need a Screen Recorder. You can start with this Good Screen Recorder. Free download: here
  3. You need Paypal or Payoneer Account to receive payments
  4. You need a video camera or a handphone to record your course. HD 720p (1280 x 720 pixels) and up is favorable
  5. A good microphone is advantage for a clearer sound recording. Good recommendation: Blue Yeti USB Microphone
  6. Video editor to edit your video. You can start with this Good Video Editor. Free download: here
  7. Sound editor to edit your sound or mp3. You can start with this Good Sound Editor. Free download: here
  8. Create 30 minutes of video content and at least 5 lectures or learning modules
  9. Udemy will verify your identity before publishing any courses on the site
  10. You can use a pen name for your profile when teaching, doesn’t have to be your real name / full name
  11. You can teach any topic like Html, Gardening or Playing Guitar except for this
  12. To charge student, apply as Premium Instructor
  13. Usually in 2 business days, you’ll get approved as a Premium Instructor. Application is free
  14. Best image resolution to use is 1280 x 720 pixels

What can you earn at Udemy?

+ It depends on how exactly an interested trainee locates your program (it can be via an Affiliate, via Udemy or straight from Instructors/Trainer promo)

+ The common cost of courses is about USD$12– $50 and it can go as high as $199.99

+ A popular Trainer can rake in 5-figure monthly while a fresh newly signed trainer will be delighted to earn a few hundred dollars

+ There are lots of free courses on Udemy as well and these are ways to self-promote oneself to the community

+ If people like your teaching style, your list of courses will be looked into and explored by potential subscribers

+ To explain further on the payment structure, if a trainee purchases your training course utilizing an Instructor/Trainer Coupon code, either from promotions to your very own audience (e.g., your email listings or YouTube subscribers) you can make 97% profits share of which 3% will go to Udemy

+ Additionally if the course is marketed via an Associate, the split is 50% associate, 25% Trainer as well as 25% Udemy

+ If the sale comes directly through the Udemy site (not an affiliate or a trainer promo) the split is 50% Udemy, 50% Trainer

+ You can make a great deal of cash with Udemy however your consistence input of time and effort is needed for greater payout


97% earning is really amazing but remember you have to do all the marketing on your own. If you go with Udemy to do the selling, advertising and marketing as well as driving traffic– which in many circumstances indicates 50% income share. If 1 solitary program is sold at $10 per client. Your profits is a clean $5.

When do you get paid?

+ Udemy pays the Instructors / Trainers thirty days after completion of the month

+ As an example, if a trainee enrolled for your course any time in June, you will obtain a payout within the very first ten days of August

Where do you register?

Sign-up as an Instructor / Trainer:


Get Premium Coaching on how to be a successful Instructor / Trainer: 

More learning materials / guides?

Training Guides to get you started. Free download:

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