Make 250 dollars a day with your camera

How to Earn with Photography

How to Earn with Photography

Photography Jobs Online 

With just a camera of any sort, be it your handphone camera or a dslr, a laptop and an internet connection, it is possible to get paid for taking photos online. Obviously there are many services out there that can actually provide you with an employment but which is the best for you to subscribe with? In today's discussion, this particular site called Photo Jobz [dot] com caught our attention, to share some insights on a potential earning that you can take on. Please take note that this is a close community. You will only know further once you have access into the system.

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A Photography Platform and Employment Opportunity

+ The site helps photographers makes money

+ Regardless of your current standard and capabilities; Beginner - Amateur - Professional, all are welcome

+ Photographers can make up to 25 dollars on each photo

+ Price of photo increases with photo quality

+ The service makes money through the sale of stock photos

+ Do take note that stock photos are always in demand from both large and small companies

+ It is an established way to make money in this field

+ The company allows you to publish as many photos as you want

+ Unlike some other competitors they probably sanction you by limiting the number of photos that you can make available for download

Build Your Own Schedule

+ Set your schedule to your liking

+ Start taking photos at your best time available to produce creative photos at your best

+ Blend your passion with your job

+ The company does not indicate a minimum number of photos you need to submit within a specified time period

+ Your creativity depends on your ability to produce quality photos but at the same time you don't have to worry about losing your job if you have any photography block along the way

How exactly does Photojobz work?

+ Publish any photos you have taken

+ Make them available to any of the stock photo agencies or individuals available

+ Buyers will download your photos if they like your work

+ You will get paid

Advantages of the site

+ There is a secured payment system in placed and Paypal is widely used by them

+ Better pictures will get recognized and will be rewarded accordingly

+ Your work will be exposed and accessible to many potential buyers

How much can you earn at PhotoJobz?

+ Income will vary as it depends on how many images you upload

+ Seasoned and well received Photographers onboard can make over $10,000 per month selling their photos

+ For beginners achieving $200 per week is possible as long as you understand the photography mechanism and how the site works

Who is it for?

+ Ideal for anybody who loves to take pictures

+ If you like to travel around the world, it will give you an added advantage for a wider scope of photography

+ Applicable internationally to around 150+ countries

+ A dream for many photographers to travel the world and get paid for their pictures

+ Wherever you are even in the South East Asia, you can sell your pictures and support yourself using the site

You Can Choose What You Photograph

+ Choose your own specialization, variety of subjects you can specialize in

+ Photography can be night or day

+ You can take pictures from peaceful nature to the busy city life

+ Stock image companies are always on the lookout for various types of photos and a variety of subjects

Take Advantage of The Trial Period

+ Risk-free

+ Have a go with their 5-day trial at $1

+ See how you can benefit from their tools and services they offer

+ 5 days is relatively more than enough for you to gauge whether the subscription is worth it

+ Even after you've completed the free trial, you can still opt for a cancellation within 60 days of subscribing and get your money back

+ Pay as you go and continue with the subscription if it benefits you and cancel if it does not fits your criteria

Affordable Service

+ The real fact is, if you are looking for a job, you probably be very low in cash and the thought overpaying a subscription for a chance to make money is obviously a setback

+ Many online photography job providers require higher subscription fee to let you in a Photography Platform

+ Unlike Photo Jobz [dot] com, their combination of a money-back guarantee and affordable pricing of only 27 dollars per month will open a horizon of photography tools and opportunity for you

+ An excellent photography platform to start on

+ Take it as an investment and even if you earn the least of 200 dollars per week, you can pay the monthly subscription comfortably afterwards


+ There will be a step-by-step guide to do once you have access to the site

+ If you have always wonder if it is possible to earn from photography, this is the place to start

+ You may earn at the shortest amount of time once you get the hang of the procedure

Our Take on PhotoJobz

Everybody loves to take photos. It is a joy to photograph a memory. Moreover with digital photos, we can take as much photos as we want and filter our best afterwards at absolutely no extra cost. What we love about the site is, it is definitely a photography platform for an exposure. It gives you the ability to turn a hobby to potential earnings. Their 5 day trial is a definite to go for. You would be surprise that you can really earn with your old photos stored on your computer drive. Our verdict is; Try it without any hesitation.

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