Freelance at Upwork

Freelance at Upwork

Freelance at Upwork

UPWORK in a Nutshell & Trustworthiness

+ It was known as Elance-oDesk earlier, it rebranded itself to Upwork in 2015

+ A Freelancing Platform based in Santa Clara and San Francisco-California

+ It is where businesses and independent professionals collaborate

+ Has twelve million registered freelancers

+ Has five million registered clients

+ About 3 million jobs posted annually at an estimate of US$1 billion

+ World largest freelance marketplace


How do you provide your Freelance Services at Upwork?

+ Register an account either using an Email or Google account

+ You need a Computer / Laptop

+ Write up a honest and detailed profile of yourself to showcase as your online resume

+ Fill out your job type you like to offer based on your skills and level of expertise you have attained

+ Only provide services that you can deliver

+ Link to your portfolio or sample of your work

+ Make available your education background

+ Indicate your availability on how many hours per week

+ Your location and preferred rate

+ Your profile will be checked by Upwork and normally would be approved within 24 hours if everything else is in order

+ Submit proposals to qualify for jobs using Connects-Upwork Internal Tokens

+ A Free account has 60 Connects per month

+ Proposals you submit requires an Introductory letter, your personal desired fee and you need to address a client's concern on a project proposal

+ If someone reaches out to you, Connects is not needed

+ Display your best work if available

+ Stand out by highlighting specific experience

+ Volunteering Experience helps if you are new to a field

+ Understand your client's goal and background

+ Always have prompt communication on work progress and only accept online payment through Upwork

+ Perform your best and rate each other honestly

What can you earn at Upwork?

+ Earning is based on how much you make from your potential customer over a period of time

+ Upwork will start to take a 10% cut, once you have reached an earning between $500.01 to $10,000

+ You can get paid either on per hour basis or by setting a price. Upwork's costs will be the same for both

+ Per hour rate is the cost before service deduction. Eg: if you charge a rate of $20 per hour for your 1st gig, your nett profit is $16 per hour. For a fixed-price task of $400 a job, you will be paid $320 after Upwork fee

+ When approached for a job with a low rate of pay, don't immediately accept at stated value. Try to work out with the consumer to find a reasonable price that fits both parties

+ All per hour projects get tracked on your Work Diary, which is developed into Upwork's desktop app

+ A comprehensive record on your development will be on the App

+ The App will track your time in 10-min billing cycles

+ It can record keystrokes, scrolling, clicks and active windows

+ It will take take a screenshot occasionally too

+ Based on your preference, you can switch on or off for the Work Diary and log your work manually by hand instead

+ However if you use the tool assists you get approved for an Upwork service called Hourly Defense-to ensure you get paid for your which you have finished, even if a customer refuses to pay

+ Your potential buyer seeking your service will set aside a specific amount of money once an agreement has been made

+ You will get paid with some or all of the deposit as soon as you reach certain milestones / checkpoints, and the rest is paid once you have completed

When do you get paid?

+ Per hour tasks are billed weekly

+ You'll make money after you and your client has completed the work evaluation process

+ Weekly billing period ends on Sunday

+ Your funds will be available for withdrawal 10 days later which is the following Wednesday

+ Some contracts are eligible for faster payments

+ You can earn money through direct transfer to your bank or PayPal

+ If a task gets dropped before it's finished, that's when Hourly Defense and milestones can be found as convenient

+ If you believe you weren't compensated fairly, Upwork has a conflict procedure

+ For fixed-price projects, you can begin a dispute if the client stops working to pay for a turning point or refuses to spend for what you believe work has completed

+ Hourly Defense assists with payment disputes on other jobs, as the paperwork from your Work Diary can help prove when you were working and what you were dealing with

+ Upwork makes it simpler to find jobs and make more cash, all you have to do is evaluate carefully which gig suits you to maximize your potential and earnings

Where do you register as an Upwork Freelancer?

Sign-up as A Freelance Service Provider here:


Get Premium Coaching on how to shine as an Upwork Provider:

More learning materials / guides?

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