Educate at Ruzuku

Educate at Ruzuku

Educate at Ruzuku

RUZUKU in a Nutshell & Trustworthiness

+ A platform that allows experts to create online courses and learning communities

+ Originated in Durham - North Carolina, United States

+ Industries served Education & Software

+ Founded in 2012


How can you teach at RUZUKU?

+ Sign-up with a valid email only, no SSO (Single-Sign-On)

+ Require a Stripe account or Paypal account to facilitate incoming and outgoing payments

+ Develop a lesson plan

+ Developing course material in Ruzuku involves two parts: lessons and activities

+ Lessons are known as basic concepts or modules to supply to your students.

+ Activities are actions / exercises that consist of all content for your course

What can you earn at Ruzuku?

  1. Ruzuku never charge a percentage of your earnings. There will no fees or charges for your course sales
  2. You only pay a monthly or annual subscription. 100% of your course revenue is all yours to keep
  3. No long-term commitment. You're free to cancel anytime
  4. Even if you cancel, Ruzuku will still keep your courses and content. So in the event you wish to re-activate them at a later date, it is always ready
  5. Course can be charged as : (1) Free, (2) Single Payment, (3) Payment Plan or (4) Subscription. More info here
  6. Pricing Guidelines: here

When do you get paid?

+ You receive payments directly to your PayPal or Stripe account

+ No additional fees charged by Ruzuku

+ You will receive immediate payment to your selected account once a student enrolled for your course

Where do you register to teach at Ruzuku?

Sign-up as an Instructor / Trainer:


Get Premium Coaching on how to be a successful Instructor / Trainer: 

More learning materials / guides?

Training Guides to get you started. Free download:


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