Earn And Print Your Custom Designs With Printful

How to Earn on Printful

How to Earn on Printful

PRINTFUL in a Nutshell & Trustworthiness

+ It is a Print On-demand and online Drop-shipping company

+ Based in Chatsworth, California

+ Founded by Lauris Liberts in 2013 - Draugiem Group

+ Providing automated on-demand printing & fulfillment for e-commerce stores online

+ Applicable to custom t-shirts, posters and other print products


How does Printful works?

+ Printful works by executing your orders

+ They help to print your custom designs onto t-shirts and deliver them to your end customers, on-demand basis

+ On your part you need to integrate Printful's app to your ecommerce platform that you are using and Wala! you will be able to operate a fully automated business

+ Unlike the traditional way of printing business - you need to print, package it and ship on your own

+ Other variables: printer, ink, t-shirts in bulk, shipping packages, postage costs, time and labor

+ Production and manufacturing of your end product is not needed

+ Your customers place their orders with you and Printful takes care of the rest

+ Affordable printing solution since they already have the equipment, materials and logistics personnel to operate the printing business.

+ The process is simply called drop shipping with Printful

+ You keep the profit minus the base cost to print

+ You focus on customer service, marketing, new printing design and how to grow your business

How much can you earn at Printful?

+ As an example, you can print a t-shirt through Printful for only $13

+ You then sell it for $26 since it is the normal go-to price for a tee in the market

+ Your profit is roughly around $8: $26 (Sale Price) -$13 (t-shirt Price) - $3.99 (Shipping Charge)

When do you get Paid from Printful?

+ If you do a manual order, means your customer will pay to you first and you will then place the order at Printful for your customer

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