Prioritizing Task Is Easy If You Do It Smart

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To start off you need to understand the concept of prioritizing?

Prioritization as a principle literally means that you will be doing ‘first things first’. But when saying it as a process, it means you need to evaluate a group of items and rank them in the order of importance; putting it on top of your list according to its urgency.

So why is prioritizing so important?

There are benefits attached to it. You can start by focusing your time on the most productive tasks as it will help manage your time better. Stress is somehow your by-product while you are trying to prioritize your goals. And often too many times if you are not focus you will lose your bearing and your direction along the way. So it is important to have a prioritized to-do list before you begin your day or your journey. The benefits you get is it minimizes stress, it does help boost your productivity and is a huge time saver for you moving forward. 

So how can you set your priorities right?

Well there isn’t any one sure way to set your task perfectly right however you can prioritize your task in approachable doable steps. By following the sequence, it can help you manage your workload and target to complete within your deadlines.

1. Make a list of all the tasks or things you need to do for the day in an unordered manner.

2. Set what is Urgent and what is Important.  Urgency means there are serious consequences attached to it and if you fail to complete by the deadlines (eg: if you default your car insurance, you are unable to drive it on the road which can hamper you from smooth running your errands). So urgent tasks must be completed first followed by important tasks.

3. Make an assessment on your task value. The highest value means more people will be impacted by your work. As an example, if you you don’t repair your car on time, all your family members in your household who depends on you for transportation will be affected.

4. Order or arrange your task list according to the effort you need to put in. Although the best approach is to do the most difficult task that takes more effort and longer time to complete as advised by productivity expert, sometimes it is wise also to do the short simple task first to better manage your time.  

5. Improvise and be adaptable to any obstacles you face while completing your task. Always have an open mind to help you focus better in completing your task. 

6. Re-prioritize if you need to and know your limits. You call for the shots on getting the best outcome in completing your task. If in anyway you need to rearrange or redo a task at a later time, take it with a positive attitude to complete afterwards.  


Start with a pen and a small notepad. By initiating to write will lead you to plan and  take action. Distinguish what is urgent and not urgent and what is important and unimportant Proceed to do the task that is both urgent and important and then the important and not urgent. Lastly execute your urgent / not important and discard the rest. Productivity and prioritization is about doing things that brings value and contribute to your long term success. 


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