Operations and The Success

Micro Business Operations & Success

A successful business owner knows how to wear many hats. From accounting to marketing, here’s what you need to know to successfully run your business.

1. Setting Your Expectations

When you are starting your Micro Business journey, obviously your Team is only You and Yourself. All you need is to get the right mind to put up to work. Set your target for eg: To get at least 2 Jobs in the span of 1 month. If there isn’t any queries about your service, there must be something wrong with your Listing(s).

2. Managing Without Ego

Put aside all that ranks of being CEO, COO, Mananging Director or Boss for now. Solid operations come from within you and only you, and to those who can actually admit if and when your operations are failing and you are willing to change to improve. It’s always Trial and Error. Be sure to replicate and learn from those who have succeed in the market you wish to endeavor.

3. Having a Clear Process

Having a clear process is extremely important. When a task needs to be completed, work as per agreed and stated during the negotiation process as your guidelines. This improves efficiency and reduces the chance of fumbling information and having things slip through the cracks. You can get creative or improvise if and when it’s needed, but not beforehand.

4. Keeping the 3 P’s in Mind

With Profit replicate a success as a gauge in monetary value. A solid operation requires 3 P’s: Process, People and Product. Build your operation to flow and operate well with that and you’ll have a successful business.

5. Building for the Future

As a TASKER, your main objective is to complete and focus on 1 Micro Job at a time. Plan your time and only accept job if you are able to perform at your best. With every great delivery comes more proposals. You have to look ahead and plan for all plausible changes in your business to ensure the operations you’re building do not become quickly irrelevant. Be proactive in adjusting your work values to best suit to your audience.

6. Providing Excellent Customer Service

Provide the best possible customer service as you can. That is the most important thing you can do. You will at some point have a dissatisfied customer, but how you handle it will give you a solid reputation in your line of business.

7. Documenting Your Processes

Documentation makes it easier to welcome new hands if and when your operation requires one. This can help and saves your business from being reliant on any one person as you grow your business organically. Write down your Accomplishments (eg: Total no. of  Clients, Earning Potential and etc.) and Challenges as you advance with your day-to day activities. Always follow-up to address your Difficulties along the process.

8. Marketing, Marketing and Marketing

Use the likes of Social Networking and Media for impromptu exposure. This can include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Whatsapp group and even email. The best plan of action is to alert your circle of friends that you are offering a service outside your 9-5 job in support of your passion over something. This will let people notice the qualities you have. Don’t be shy, sometimes you can expect the unexpected if you are always true to yourself. Best of Luck!