Music Workshop

The Music Workshop

Music is an art by itself. We believe that life is a balance of play and work. Our Music Workshop lets anybody learn a Musical Instrument the right way. Our Workshop is a crash course to understand and learn the Drum, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass or Ukulele. The workshop consists of 5 Session of 3 Hours each with Digital Music Session assisted by Professional Instructors in a class of 5 – 15  students. Our workshop package includes a complimentary instrument practice set according to your choice of musical instrument with necessary items like tuners, metronome, picks and even score sheets to get you started. You will be able to play the instrument of your choice upon completing the Workshop. Results may vary, however, our instructors will be there to assist in every way they can to make sure you reach your Musical Journey goals. 

Ignite Your Musical Talents

Learn an instrument and entertain your family members, friends or your loved ones. Age is not a criteria anymore. It doesn’t mean you’re too old to learn. Mix with like minded people in a jovial, comfortable and uplifting environment. We accept applicants from 12-80yrs old. As long as you have an interest and time to spare, you are more than welcome to join.   

Keyboard & Keyboardist Workshop

Guitar & Guitarist Workshop

Drum & Drummer Workshop

Bass & Bassist Workshop

Ukulele & Ukulelist Workshop

The Workshop

Our classes are held in an air-conditioned room with big projectors / screens. In between the class, there will be a short break to freshen-up too. There will be 4-7days gaps in between sessions. For example Session 1 of 3 hours conducted on 1st April will have Session 2 as early as 5th April. This is to allow proper grasp and time for our intakes to practice. 

The lessons that they provide is educative but most importantly it let’s you master an instrument faster. I am a total beginner myself, no experience whatsoever. But after completing their workshop it just gives me that confidence to play and some thought I’m an amateur musician. The least to say I’m able to play the popular songs played on the radio with my Ukulele. Sing a bit, you know to have fun and wind down.

                                      – Baby Diana

“Music can change the World”

Ludwig Van Beethoven