IQOption Free Demo Account – 2019

March 6, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Money

IQOption is a trading platform/broker that helps you start your trading journey. They offer five instruments: Binary Options, Digital Options, Forex, Crypto (СFD), and CFD contracts.

Don’t worry if you don’t really understand the instruments for now. The platform is packed with informative guides as you go by. To get the hang of it, you can start practicing on a Demo Account which is Free of charge. We love them because they provide an intuitive demo account which is pleasant to the eyes with a constructive dashboard. The best part about IQOption, you can trade with real funds only by depositing USD$10 into your account. But remember, as a precautionary measure, always practice and thoroughly understand the basics before delving in with your hard earned money.

How to get a demo at IQOption

Getting a demo account is relatively easy and registration takes just a few seconds (a minute at the most). However, you need a good internet connection for a lag-free experience. And as soon as you have your account, you will be credited with 10,000 virtual dollars, it used to be just 1,000. It’s always an eye-opener to see many zeroes in your account! So ‘Kudos’ to IQOption for the temptation. Though whichever amount is shown, it’s obviously a virtual dollar that can be replenished when emptied. You then trade and test the platform out of the box. There are many tutorials as well as comprehensive guidance, both easy to follow and understand on-board. Here are the Steps below to open an account:

Step 1 – Opening an account

  • Click above, or here: Open an account with IQOption
  • Fill up the four white boxes where you need to enter your First Name, Last Name, Email address and a password as shown in the image on the left. Make sure you remember them.
  • Press ENTER, or confirm with a button OPEN AN ACCOUNT FOR FREE
  • The page will then automatically redirect you to the trading platform. It takes a while to load.
  • In the meantime, go to your email and click on the confirmation link to verify your account.

Step 2 – Risks disclosure

  • After opening the trading platform, it is necessary to confirm that you agree with the risk involved in trading binary options and to the fact that binary options trading cannot bring guaranteed profit. However, we will only trade on a demo account. As always practice is what you need to understand the platform.
  • Click on I have read and understood the Risks and then START TRADING

Step 3 – Selecting a demo account

  • Now a window opens, in which you need to choose whether you want to trade on demo account or on a real account (you would need to deposit money)
  • For now, we select the button on the left andStart trading on a practice account

Step 4 – Trade!

  • Now you can happily trade.
  • Whenever you want to switch between real money mode and demo mode, simply click on the upper right, on the current account balance and select either PRACTICE ACCOUNT or REAL ACCOUNT.
  • Best of luck!

Step 5 – Why IQOption?

RISK WARNING: Your Capital Might Be At Risk!

Step 6 – My Personal Opinion

When I opened my demo account and tried the platform in 2012, it was fun and addictive. Hence, after trying a few trades on the demo account, I instantly deposited the minimum amount of USD$10. It is definitely more thrilling to trade with real money. All I can say, the more trade you win, the more you can also lose. IQOption does not guarantee you to be rich in no time nor gives you instantaneous financial freedom upon investing. Yes, you can scale up from a mere $10 to something by the hundreds or thousands of dollars. I personally have experienced that astonishing moment, with streaks of winnings + streaks of losses in between and earned almost $900++ afterward with just a minimum deposit. But soon, when I wasn’t too careful, I lost it all. Hence it is wise to note that IQOption has exercised cautions to traders with a Risk Warning that Your Capital Might Be at Risk when depositing a real fund into your account.

So back to my story, after lots of trial and error as well as communicating with the allocated individual personal manager from your IQOption dashboard, with lots of readings and understanding the trading strategies and system, you then understand the High Risk involving your capital. You win some and you lose some and for inexperience or compulsive traders, you might lose it all, I mean really lose it all! My advise is simply, trade small, know when to stop, set a target as an achievement; for example, if you can double what you have, it’s a fabulous trade for the day. And if your input capital has fallen to a 20% mark, perhaps stop your trade for the day and trade again, later on. Treat your trade like how we’d normally invest in lotteries, as much as the prize money is big, we are always prepared to lose what we are putting in.

RISK WARNING: Your Capital Might Be at Risk!

Are you game for a new experience at IQOption? Share your thoughts and encounters in the world of Binary Options or perhaps your winning strategies if you are already in the game!