What is HanQover?

HanQover is your go-to resource for essential improvements that can be applied in life. Start with a small change today and stretch your limits to achieve the impossible. We blog about Productivity & Life-Changing Strategies to tackle real life issues with easy to apply tips, simple solutions and immediate benefit.

Do I need to sign-up for an account to access the site?

Not at all. The tips, guides and blogging content we wrote are readily free for you to read, use and even share.

How do I download the ebook you are giving away for free?

All you need to do is put your frequently used email address and your download will begin shortly afterwards. Don’t worry no credit card is required.

There are many links on your website. Are you affiliated with the companies you advertise or put?

We are not fully affiliated with the companies / brand / website that we link on our web-page. Some links that we did because we felt that these companies is worth to be shared and mentioned to our visitors and readers for informational purpose. While some of the other links, we might be already be affiliated with of which we might earn a small  commission from the company.

What are Premium Coaching?

Our site is always free and open for all. The Premium Coaching are In-depth Information, contents and guides we make to help those who need extra coaching or boost from us on a particular subject, course or project. There will be extra tools and course materials where the registered member can get access to and download at their personal dashboard. The Premium Coaching is what helps to keep our blog / website alive and kicking. It’s not compulsory though, because with the contents that we share freely are informative and scalable too.

Is there an app for HanQover at Apple App Store or Google Play?

At the moment, our developers are in the process of finalizing the app. However, we would like to say that our webpage / website / blog at https://hanqover.com is fully optimized and responsive on all screen dimension; desktop, laptop, tabs and even mobile phones.

Is it safe to make payment online at HanQover?

For the safety of our users, we equipped and encrypted our site with SSL (https). For processing of payments, we do not store your credit card or sensitive details. You will only be directed to Licensed and Reliable Payment Gateway that handles your payments such as Paypal and 2Checkout.

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