Price & Billings

An easy guide to the cost involved to use HanQover Platform.

It’s totally free to Sign-up. No cost is involved. This can be done by signing-up for a Free Account. It’s free for life.

It’s totally free to list an item.

HanQover collects a fee of 20% of the total amount per transaction. The fee is taken from the total amount paid by the renter and deducted before payment is made to the Lister/Owner. For example, if the total amount paid by the renter is $5, then the total amount paid to the owner will be $4. Renter will not be charged. Only the Lister will be charged the fee upon successful payments by Renter. 

There are 2 Membership to choose from; Free or Premium. 

Free Membership allows Owner/Lister to withdraw their earnings on a monthly basis. Minimum withdrawal is RM100. You may withdraw RM100-RM1000. Withdrawal request can be done right after a rental transaction/cycle has been completed. Eg: if you lent an item on 1st July and received the item back on 3rd July, you can then request withdrawal on 3rd June. You will then receive your cash on 2nd July (30days after withdrawal request) in your bank account / paypal account minus the bank /third payment gateway charges. Entitled to 1 cash per day. To avoid delays, make sure your personal particulars and bank account details are correct.

Premium Membership allows Owner/Lister to withdraw their earnings on-demand meaning they can cash out anytime once they have completed a transaction. Low minimum withdrawal of RM50. You may withdraw RM50-RM5000. The process may take up to 3 days to complete. Entitled to 1 Cash out per day. To avoid delays, make sure your personal particulars and bank account details are correct.

All premium membership have access to a dedicated support when in need of help + instant bonus cashback for rental sales per RM3000 lot(meaning for every Rm3000 rental sales reached, Owner/Lister will get Rm50 as a cashback bonus from us.)

So what are you waiting for? Now you can Earn and Save with our Peer-to-Peer Rental Marketplace.

There is always a level of risk when using a Peer to Peer Rental Platform. As a Lister/ Owner, your item may be at risk for lost, damaged, or stolen and at the other end being a renter, the item you wish to rent may not live up to your expectations or needs. HanQover simply provides a medium for owners and renters to connect and rent out things between each other. The Rental Agreements that we provide online is to facilitate and enhance the quality of the rental transaction. With the agreement a Lister/Owner can ask a deposit amount to secure an item being rented out but however they are not a guarantee. The deposit amount shall be collected by the Lister in cash when he/she lends out an item and returned to the Renter once an item is satisfactory and completes the rental period  

Rental agreements can be downloaded and printed out here.

Users need to carefully read the Terms of Service(TOS) and understand that all disputes need to be resolved directly with one another.

If an item is lost, damaged or stolen, then it is the owner’s responsibility to take action against the renter. The Lister/Owner have the right to deduct partially/fully from the deposit given with an option to request a fair compensation. It is advisable to make a police report within 24hours of incident if no agreement has been reached between both parties. While at HanQover, the renter’s account will be temporarily suspended until the issue has been reported as resolved. Vice-versa, if the renter disputes the transaction, then the owner’s account will also be temporarily suspended until the issue has been resolved. The best approach is to get a mutual agreement on how to resolve the issue just like when you initially initiated the borrow and lending in the beginning at a mutual trust. 

Notice 48 hours beforehand

  • Full refund on entire booking, with an RM5 admin fee

Notice between 48 to 12 hours beforehand

  • 50% refund on entire booking, with an RM5 admin fee

Notice less than 12 hours beforehand

  • Strictly no refunds

Note: Reservations made with any HanQover promotion are NOT refundable and/or transferable, including promo codes and giveaway. 

Please allow 10 to 14 business days before the money is being transferred to your initial payment method.

There isn’t any Security Deposit collected at HanQover. Deposits will only be collected by the Owner / Lister upon collection of an item by the renter. You only pay the full rental amount at HanQover.

Here is what you can do:

  1. Call the number at the back of your card. Please confirm with the bank that your card has been enabled for online transactions and also request to enable a *Non 3D Checkout*
  2. Wait 1 hour before making the payment again.

Alternatively, try making the payment with a different debit card or credit card (preferred). Note that online transactions via debit cards may not go through during the bank’s maintenance hours between 12 am to 6 am.

Local banks have strict guidelines on debit cards, as it may decline subsequent transactions even though online transactions have been enabled previously.

We accept credit and debit cards from all banks.

Add a credit or debit card at the checkout page before confirming your reservation. Select “Payment Method” then “+” before filling in your card details in the fields provided. 

If you want to delete a card, email us at and we’ll help to remove the details from your HanQover account.