Do You Really Need A Lawyer?

September 3, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Socialize

The Story Behind What Happens in a Court

Hey everybody, this is Daaniyal. I’m always scouting to share & shed some lights on something useful and doubts we might have. 

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By Daaniyal

We get asked often whether or not a client truly needs an attorney or something that they can handle on their own. The straight forward answer to that question is of course you need an attorney not just for the lawyer’s  benefit but for the clients benefit too. 

You have to realize that the law enforcement they’ve received all the legal training needed to be where they are now. They’re the ones that got you at the court in the first place and you’re going to be dealing with a prosecutor who’s a lawyer. You’re going to be dealing with a judge who is a lawyer and you do not want to be the only person in the room dealing with your case who is not a lawyer. Your lawyer knows the local practices and procedures, your lawyer knows what is acceptable and what is not acceptable what he or she can get away with or not what you need to do as a client to handle your case in the proper way if you go to court. 

“However if you go to court yourself then the case becomes about you but if you have a lawyer representing you, the case is about your lawyer.”

When we walk into the court, we are told or we are asked Hi Amy,  Hi Daud or Hi Saravanan who are with you for today? If you walk into court by yourself means it’s all about you. The prosecutor looks at you, the prosecutor judges you, the prosecutors can ask you questions that you may not have to answer or maybe that you shouldn’t have answered in the first place. You also put the judge in a difficult spot as the judge has to make sure that your rights are afforded and that the judge has to ask you a series of questions about twenty or thirty questions every time you stand up from the judge so as to make sure that you know what you’re doing and you know you have the right to an attorney and that you’ve chosen to represent yourself instead. You’re not educated to do that and just to make sure that you are warned and you know that maybe this is perhaps not the best thing for you if you have all those warnings and everyone else has legal training. 

Shouldn’t you have the benefit of a lawyer? How can you do this by yourself? Don’t make it about you, make it about your lawyer and make it the right lawyer. You definitely need a lawyer because everyone else is a lawyer in the room, if you’re not you’re going to lose instantly just by not understanding how the law works.

In case you’re in need of a lawyer or perhaps you are unsure whether you might need a lawyer, please do keep in touch with us HERE and we will advise appropriately. Your initial queries will always be F.O.C and we do not charge exorbitant fees, only applicable and affordable fees will be laid upfront upon agreeing to hire us. It is important that all our future clients have the right to an attorney and be represented professionally in the court of law.