D-lightfull Cafe


Our D-lightfull cafe is situated in the heart of Johore Bahru with menus in varieties of American-English-Continental fusion. Our signature dishes are Scones served with Fresh Cream & Fresh Chunk Strawberry Jam, Southern Crispy Fried Chicken, Belgian Waffles and not forgetting to mention our Wacky Molly Milkshakes that you can’t resist. 

Hop by for a great time and HanQover here with friends & your loved ones. Tentalize your taste buds today. We serve Halal meats & ingredients. 

Southern Fried Chicken & Waffle

Served with Crispy Half-fried chicken, 1-full fluffy Belgian waffle topped with a sweet strawberry home-made cream and butter and served with our signature sweet & spicy sauce and Maple Syrup.


Served generously with Milky Fluffy Scramble Eggs and Potato Hash with Herbs alongside fried bacon strip + sour-dough sliced bread + 2 pcs of American Flapjacks & maple syrup with a dash of butter cream.


Served generously with Milky Fluffy Scramble Eggs, Baked Beans, English breakfast sausage, strips of fried bacon, hash-brown & sauteed whole button Mushroom with herbs alongside grilled juicy tomato.

Biscuits & Gravy

Served with freshly baked flaky, buttery bread biscuits topped with a generous decadent sausage-studded creamy gravy. This Southern Classic American dish is completed with a seasoned grilled grated potato and juicy sunny side-up.

Continental Omelette

Omelette heartily cooked into perfection and stuffed generously with ham, cheddar cheese, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and peppers. Topped with salsa sauce and served with thick slices of bread and a bowl of fruit cocktail for a nutritious meal.

Scone Deluxe Set

4 pieces of Freshly baked buttery scones served with fresh cream & fresh chunk strawberry jam and a pot of premium flavored tea of your choice perfect for two.


Our Belgian-style Waffles is 1-inch thick, crispy on the outside and soft inside. We make sure to serve it hot every time when a customer order, topped with one of a kind topping for your Waffle craving indulgement. Many more combination is on the way...


Our Flapjacks are pancakes freshly whipped & whisked for a fluffy, soft and milky goodness with a hint of vanilla. We serve it all day long and topped it with a variety of delicious condiments to go with. Flapjacks comes in 5 fluffy pieces.

Wacky Molly Milkshakes

Our Tall & Huge Signature Wacky Molly Milkshakes will satisfy your sweet cravings to the fullest.

Kookies N Kream Milkshake
Kotton Kandy Milkshake
Peanut Buttercup Pretzel Milkshake
Red Velvety Milkshake


Our Charcuterie Platter is a great appetizer to begin with. It is a mixture of Fruits, Premium Nuts, Chocolates, Crackers & Cheese and at the same time, kids friendly too. Served & presented before the main meal just about the same time you receive your drinks.

Fruitz & Nutz

Fruit Nuts & Chocolate Charcuterie Board

Cheez & Crackrz

Side Orders

A selection of side dishes or additional order.

  • Potato Varieties
    - Fries 1Basket | RM6.90
    - Hash Brown 2pcs | RM4.90
    - Potato Hash 1Bowl | RM8.90
  • Southern Fried Chicken
    - Wings 3pcs | RM9.90
    - Wings 5pcs | RM16.90
    - Wings 7pcs | RM21.90
    - Whole-Chicken | RM24.90
  • Soup of the Day | RM5.90
    - Creamy Mushroom
    - Creamy Clam Chowder
    - Creamy Shrimp Tomato
    - Creamy Corn Crabstick
  • Chicken Nugget 9pcs | RM9.90
  • Garden Salad 1Bowl | RM8.90
  • Plain Scone 1pc | RM3.90
  • Bread Biscuit 1pc | RM3.90
  • Plain Waffle 1pc | RM13.90
  • Extra Gravy / Condiments | RM2.90

Premium Teas-Coffees & Beverages

  • Hot Tea by the Pot | RM9.90
    - Acai Berry
    - Peppermint
    - Earl Grey
    - Strawberry
    - Peach
    - Green Tea
  • Caffè Americano | RM11.90
  • Café Latte | RM11.90
  • Cappuccino | RM11.90
  • Espresso | RM6.90
  • Flat White | RM11.90
  • Long Black | RM11.90
  • Macchiatto | RM7.90
  • Mochaccino | RM11.90
  • Galão | RM11.90
  • Affogato | RM12.90
  • Breve | RM10.90
  • Iced Coffee | RM9.90
  • Hot Cocoa | RM9.90
  • Coke / Diet Coke | RM3.90
  • Sprite | RM3.90
  • OJ | RM5.90
  • Hot Water by pot | RM1.90
  • Warm / Cold Water | RM0.90

Just Right For Your Taste-bud!

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