Choosing The Right Trade

Choosing the right trade is simply about choosing the most suitable category to service your Micro Business. This greatly relies on your strength and passion over a particular trade. Be it for being handy on fixing things or perhaps having that flair for organizing an event, you can now delve into the world of Micro Business seamlessly without acquiring that specialized certification or formal training on hand, although having one would be an added advantage. To get you started, all you need is some basic relevant supplies to equip you and the passion to service your potential client on-site responsibly and diligently. Work your way up and remedy your flaws as you go by from one project to another. 

Listed below are 9 Main Categories that you can choose from as your Trade:

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Home Maintenance

Personal Concierge

Beauty & Wellness

Rent Out Stuffs

Coaching & Lessons

Elder Care

Pet Care


Automobile Care