Chauffeured Transportation

Our Transport Fleets

Seats comfortably for 6 Passengers with Multi-Zone Climate Control

Spacious MPV

Seats comfortably for 3 Passengers with Multi-Zone Climate Control

Mercedes S Class

Seats comfortably for 3 Passengers with Multi-Zone Climate Control

BMW 7 Series

“Sometimes it is hard to get Reliable & Condusive Transportation for a short trip in Malaysia.  Being in-Loved with short getaways, I always initiate the planning process for my close group of friends as well as for my lovely family members on exciting trips. With Chauffeured Transportation at HanQover, equipped with knowledgeable English speaking drivers, I can get more organized with my trip planning & make request as I go.”

– Amanda from Sweden; Apa Khabar Malaysia! – I love the people & culture here, not to mention the rendangs & the sweet fragrant nasi lemak.

Our clients

Reliable & Condusive

All our vehicles are freshly cleaned before a pick-up, well maintained & serviced regularly for that smooth journey be it either a short city tour or a long distance trip. Equipped with multi-zone climate control, leather seats, In-vehicle entertainment system, first-aid kit as well as our essential on-board supplies (Bottled Water/Cooling Water/Motion-Sickness Pills/Medicated Oil/ Light-Snacks & Refreshments) reasonably priced and made available for the convenience of our patrons.

Easy Booking Process

It is as easy as 1, 2, 3 to book. We welcome any queries or trip planning. Just email or WhatsApp our Customer Service;

  1. Trip Details
  2. Wait for our Reply & Advise
  3. Book & Confirm by Paypal

Specify Trip Details with: Your Name / Destination / One-way or Round-trip / No. of People / Date & Name of your in-planning or booked Hotel. 

Flexible & Accommodating

  • Provide Details of Trip Itinerary
  • Multiple Stop Requests
  • Professional & Punctual
  • English Speaking Drivers
  • LIVE Recommendations by Driver
  • Open to Feedback & Request
  • Multiple Sightseeing based on popularity
  • Assisting on Time Extension
  • Seamless Transfers / Cross Border Transfers