History Of HanQover

The name HanQover was initially crafted with an Idea to Build a Community to Explore on something Useful to do Online by Gathering and Sharing Quality Informative Personal Growth & Self-Improvement Tips, Courses and Programs. The “Q” in the brand HanQover dictates a “Q”ueue of Engaging Activities that is Challenging, Interesting and Educational. It’s a Creative Platform that builds on Personal Growth & Self-Improvement to better oneself by acquiring new skills. We scour out the web globally for both Paid (Exclusive Inspiring Course / Programs) and Free Materials / Services (Covering the Creative Common License) based on popular reviews as a one-stop Creative Resource for Action Takers to expand on. EARN, PLAY, LEARN & SHOP while Exploring something Exciting in you!

Fast forward to the first quarter of 2020 in times of uncertainties due to Covid-19, every businesses is striving to equip themselves towards Digital Transformation, where Data Technology(DT) will empower and shape the future of business into what we call a new wave of Digitalization.

We believe every level of society is feeling the pinch. And we know change is hard. All we can say is that, start small and take advantage on schemes and funding from your respective government. You can talk to us to initiate a workable plan in Digital Transformation because an initiation is better than no action. Feel free to say Hi! to us for a non-binding discussion. We gracefully welcome your queries.

HanQover is a Creative Agency Company

Our Brand: HanQover pronounced as “Hang-Over”

Our Slogan: Keep On Exploring!

Our Mission: Sharing Essential Knowledge and Technology to reach Digitalization.

Our Sister Company: Service Smart Venture (SSV)

Key Explorer at HanQover

  • We are a small team of Technopreneur(Ayden, Raffy, Rudd, Helen & Skyrah) who loves to dissect on the concept of creativity. While bringing value to other businesses may not be an easy task to achieve, we believe creativity is what individuals and companies need, to stay relevant in business as well as adapting to the Digital shifts towards Digital Transformation, post Covid-19.
  • The Founder of HanQover; Ayden R. view the disruption of the world on Covid-19 as a hard reset for all Businesses throughout the World but compliments it with abundance of opportunity and growth. Start Invest early and address your present situation creatively in 2020 and 2021 and you will be amongst the Innovators and the Early Adopters so as to speak. So Keep On Exploring! because everybody fails before they succeed and the one that wins are those who keeps on trying.

HanQover Features

We'd Love To Hear From You!

We at HanQover are humbled that our contents are well received and liked by many of you out there. We do hope you pick-up something interesting along the way, pushing your comfort boundaries for that extra oomph in life. We are always open to your valuable suggestions, opinions and ideas on how to make this website better for everyone. At HanQover, there is no right or wrong, your views is what adds colour to the blog and conversation on-board. Do drop us a message anytime, we’d love to hear from you!

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