History Of HanQover

Actually there’s not much of History from us, since HanQover.com only existed in 2019. Fast forward to the first quarter of 2020 in times of uncertainties due to Covid-19, we felt so blessed with the internet keeping us occupied and connected online during the crucial lock-down period worldwide. We hope you did to and wherever you are, do practice Social Distancing and abide by the instructions made by your relevant government officials at all times. Just a little info about us;

Our Brand: HanQover pronounced as “Hang-Over”

Our Slogan: Keep On Exploring!

Our Mission: Sharing Essentials Tips to EARN, PLAY & LEARN Online

We believe that everybody can excel in something whether to perfect that dish you have been failing to cook in your kitchen or to learn that subject or musical instrument you have never completed or to sew your self-designed clothes with your chosen fabric or even build a furniture and broaden-up your crafting knowledge at the comfy of your own home. If you put your heart into it, you will succeed eventually. So, let’s embrace the power of e-learning today, upgrading with essential skills to equip and brace ourselves against the uncertainties of Covid-19.

Key Explorer at HanQover

  • Ayden R. (Founder, Creative & Technology)
  • Rafisah S. (Co-founder & Finance)
  • Skyrah H. (Marketing)
  • Helen Helena (Operation)

HanQover Features

We'd Love To Hear From You!

We at HanQover are humbled that our contents are well received and liked by many of you out there. We do hope you pick-up something interesting along the way, pushing your comfort boundaries for that extra oomph in life. We are always open to your valuable suggestions, opinions and ideas on how to make this website better for everyone. At HanQover, there is no right or wrong, your views is what adds colour to the blog and conversation on-board. Do drop us a message anytime, we’d love to hear from you!