What is HanQover?

HanQover is a Peer to Peer Rental Marketplace. A Platform to Let you Rent Out your Privately Owned Items to People who Needs it and Easily Rent the Things you Require.


To explain further…..

  • We love and admire the world-class directory like the Yellow Pages but in recent years, we have seen that people and consumers alike are sourcing out options to bypass the B2C (Business-to-consumer) approach that is Rigid, Not Transparent and sometimes Expensive.

  • To tackle the issue, there is a need to shift from the B2C(Business-to-Consumer) market towards the C2C(Consumer-to-Consumer) or P2P(Peer-to Peer) Transactions. By providing a Platform to list with transaction capabilities, encourages and create a Rental Environment for the masses. And by inculcating an open-end conversation that is Transparent, Customizable, Friendly and Fairly Inexpensive will attract potential Clients / Customers / Consumers and Peers to help and work with each other, bridging a conducive community.

Who We Are

We are a bunch of people who love to read, write, interact and share our social experiences. We are not perfect in any way and have many flaws too in each and every one of us. But we try our best to be practical, to appreciate and value opinion by others as well as being grateful with what we have. The best part is, it’s a blessing to make HanQover a reality and at the same time help people to help themselves using our platform. 

We operate in a SOHO environment in Singapore & in Malaysia and we are breathing & living the Sharing Economy Segment just like what we are providing at HanQover.

HanQover Team



Luth Adam 

Daaniyal Iman

Helen Elena

Celine Tan

Isaac Suleyman

Ferlisha Bakar 

Zayn Mikail

Amber Lee

Kathryn Firdaus

Hayden Dawood

James Kim

What we need?

A strong connection to the internet, a powerful web hosting server, Laptops + Computers with lots of Caffeine out of the Coffees & Teas to get us going. And the rest is history….

Our Carbon Footprints….

Our Goal

To help bridge a safe as well as affordable Peer to Peer Rental Marketplace to service the community. As long as you own something, there is an opportunity to rent it out.

Our Motto

Practice what you preach. Love what you do and do what you love.

Our Slogan

Bridging Community

What We Believe?

We believe in the Power of “What if?”. With “What if?” you’re churning out the possibilities of being creative. It actually brings out the braveness in you.

What We Love?

Those who aren’t afraid to explore and be adventurous.

What We Care?

To tell you the truth, actually honesty goes a long way.

What We Aim?

To create opportunity wherever possible and make transaction seamless between a RENTER(Borrower) and a LISTER(Lender).

What We Hope?

To strive for a safe and vibrant work-space for everyone.

What We Do?

Give a purpose for infrequently used ITEMS or GOODS to work and re-used again.

What We Hate?

Hanging and unsolved disputes is awry and ugly to the eyes and ears of the public, we too hate to see or hear that if it happens. If there is a dispute, its all about a mentality to find a solution and ironing the difference. The best approach is to give and take if you can because in life at large, there will be ups and down.

So we built HanQover to create a space for people to LEND what they have and connect with potential BORROWER  who are in need.

Rent items out as LISTER & Earn


Rent items from as RENTER & Save 

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