About Me

About Me

Hi! I’m Ruddy Yusoff (Ryu) the founder of Hanqover.

You might describe me as a startup blogger, a micro-influencer, an enthusiast on digital marketing and most importantly, an ordinary chap – sharing my views on well-being through Health and Wealth, in these tough times – 2021 and beyond. With this personal journey in reaching a happy state of well-being, I hope to discover life’s key essentials by exploring the needs and wants that matters. I will be blogging and sharing my approach on what catches my attention in life as well as outlaying the importance of having a Blog as a healthy form of recreational activity to express oneself, as we go by living on this beautiful planet full of challenges. You can expect suggestions, tutorials, conversations on health matters, ways to earn online and exploring many beneficial services as well as health supplements that helps.

Follow me on my quest to Dream, Explore and Discover on that something new to better our life with. In reality, everybody is looking for something in their life, it can be someone or even an asset – you name it. And in my opinion, it is never too late to start on something regardless of age or experience. As a proof, this Blog was published only in 2021. So, let’s see how it goes.

Some of my followers did ask me – why the name Hanqover? The initial idea was to express my perception of the world through my personal lens – a portal for people to hangout and hang-over, sharing each other’s views on interesting stuffs that is happening around the world – hence the word ‘Hanqover’, but with a twist.

Feel free to say ‘Hi’ to me at hi@hanqover.com , I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas too. I know life aren’t always equal to say the least, but everybody has their unique and interesting story to tell to the whole world too regardless of our status quo. All we need is to respect each other, make plans to target on your dream(s), strive and work on it, instill learning to upgrade our-self, never stop believing in yourself, always be alert and start caring for your health if you have not done so, and lastly give a helping hand to those in need when you can.

I enjoyed my time writing here and I hope this Blog can deliver useful tips and information to you as well. Cheers!