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Make Money On Autopilot With This NEW Application!

Make Money On Autopilot With This NEW Application!

Another way to make money online is through a website called ‘eclincher’. A brief info about what this website do is that it is actually a social media management platform tool. This tool basically manage the user social media accounts and help boost it in the social media world. This will definitely be a great helps for franchises, small & medium businesses, enterprises, agencies and even for individual like you. However, the technique that I am going to show you about making passive money online does not have to do with you using or purchasing this tool though if you are interested about finding more about the feature, Click Here!. Read on to know how to make money out of this tool.

As you and I know, connecting with social media has become a norm for us. Everybody seems to have a few social media platform going at the same time and as we are always busy with our daily life activity, it may be a bit of hassle to be connected to the social media world at all times, and wouldn’t it be great if there are assistance tool available for us. This is where this tool works in contributing to our passive income, enabling us to make thousands of dollars with ease.

First, all you have to do is join their affiliate program where then you are able to promote this website and earn between $50 to $100 dollars per person you refer this tool to. Imagine if you manage to refer 100 people in a month, you can easily made around $5000 to $10,000. If you think it is hard to find people to promote to, think again. In reality, there is an endless pool of potential customers for ‘eclincher.com’ because there are actually millions upon millions of people all over the globe who are running a business and they do need help in managing their social media accounts. Furthermore, it is also easier to persuade someone to try this tool because this site do offer a 14-day free trial. It is always best to try things out before purchasing it. This by itself will help potential customers determined for themselves whether this tool can really benefits them.

Now, I am going to go through with you how to sign up as an affiliate program for ‘eclincher.com’. Click Here! to go to their affiliate program page. Then click on ‘APPLY HERE’. See image below.

Then enter your info such as your email address, first and last names. The next three boxes you can  leave it blank since they are not mandatory to fill in as obviously not every affiliate will have a company or a website.  

What you need to do then is to select your country. As you scroll down the list of countries, you can see that this tool is available worldwide. This is another advantage for you. Imagine how wide you can cast you net in finding potential customers. Fill up this box even though it does not makes any difference where you’re coming from anyway, however after you selected your country, you will need to enter in your address, phone number, password, the links to all your social media.

Then tick the box to agree to their affiliate terms, complete the captcha and click on sign up to finish the process. It will normally take a few hours for you to get approved into their affiliate program but once you do, you will receive an email from them. In the email, you will receive too an affiliate link. With this link, it enables you to earn because whenever someone clicks on it and then that same person signs up to ‘eclincher.com’, you will get paid.

As a bonus, I will show you another way for you to get traffic by using various freelancing platform like fiverr, people per hour, freelancer and many other. You can apply the same method to the other but here, I will how you an example by using fiverr platform.

At ‘fiverr’, search for ‘social media manager’. These are the people who are promoting their services in managing other people’s accounts and these people are also the perfect peoples for you to approach because they probably do needs assistance themselves. And who knows, with the lure of free trial, they might sign up and by them signing up, you already on the way of receiving about $50 just by referring ‘eclincher.com’ to them.

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