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Cheat Your Way Earning $100k Making Youtube Videos

Cheat Your Way Earning $100k Making Youtube Videos

Making $100k  annually by posting four to five videos per year may sound too good to be true but here I will prove to you that it is possible to do just that by making Youtube videos without even having a camera or recording. In fact it can easily be done by anybody even though they have no skills or experience. Below are the websites that you need to access with. Just follow the steps that I am going to show and you are now on your way to earn your big income.

1.   Open an account if you don’t have one. This website has numerous sounds that you can possibly find all and the best part is that, it is free to join. Register for Free Here

2.            Check Out Pexels Here. This website has a large stock photo and videos that you can download that are royalty free.

3.            Check Out Openshot Here is a free editing software that you can use to edit videos. All you have to do is just download the software to your computer.

If you think it is impossible to earn $100k annually, let me prove to you an example how a user with the youtube channel Check Out LoungeV Films – Relaxing Music and Nature Sounds Here earns that much and even more per year.

As you can see, this channel mainly consists of hours long audio of nature sounds. The sounds and video used in those videos are actually looping. If you browse through the channel, you will notice too that per year, this user just uploaded about 4 to 5 videos. Though it is relatively a small number, but if you check this channel status at socialblade, you can see that the earning this channel made yearly does surpassed $100k. See the image below.

Just replicate the steps that I am going to show you. First, the nature sounds can easily be downloaded from Secondly, you are able to obtain images or videos of nature through The next step is to open the sound and the image that you have downloaded using From there you edited it by dragging both the audio and video until hours long or according to your desired timing. See the image below. In fact, you can even use an image instead of a video. 

Be creative. There are many different kinds of sounds or images that you can infuse and make into a video. In fact, what I have shown you above are just an example. You can replicate the steps and make a video according to what you deem people want to watch. And if you have problems with editing using, just search for video tutorial at Youtube. I hope this article does help you out in paving your way to earning a passive income online.

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