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Earn $0.20 per click Guaranteed!

Earn $0.20 per click Guaranteed!

This brand new website here will pay you for every single click and not only it is new but it’s also free and available worldwide.

Okay so let’s jump straight into this strategy guys. The website you will want to go over that will pay us in passive income today is called EntireWeb.

Now I know most of you have never heard about this platform, so let us learn what is “entire web” all about. It is actually a search engine and very much comparable to the popular search engine like Google. You just type in what you want to search – press enter and it will show you a bunch of your search results. But 1 thing great and major difference about this website is that, you can get paid just by using the search engine. There is a huge potential to earn from this website because currently it only received over 150,000 visits a month which is far apart from Google Search Engine that can get four to five billion queries. The reason I’m recommending this because “EntireWeb” are willing to pay you very well if you refer someone to their website in order to encourage more engagement and usage of their search engine. They actually pay according to Pay Per Click (PPC) which is very nice and generous of them.

In order to access their affiliate program, you can click on the three lines as shown below which is literally on the upper right-hand corner of the webpage and you will be able to click on the affiliate option.

On the very next page as shown above, you will be greeted with a banner that says you will get paid up to 20 cents per click. While 20 cents to many of us isn’t a lot of money, please do bear in mind that this is per click and not per purchase. This means that unlike when you are promoting an affiliate product that requires a purchase before you can earn a commission, there’s a very high chance that someone you refer to the site may likely use the search engine willingly since it doesn’t cost them anything to do so. This is really important because with this strategy, it allows you to earn more even for low number of people referred. For example if you refer 100 people to EntireWeb and let’s say they all search for something at an average of three times, you can earn 60 cents per person which is 60 dollars in total for just 100 people you refer. At the same time, it is more likely that some people might even search a few more times as well.

Next, the burning question is how you will get paid through this site? At the moment , they only offer PayPal as the only mode of payment. But since this site does work in many different countries around the globe, I am confident that they will add in more payment options as time goes by, so stay tuned!

Now with all of that said, what you need to do first is Sign Up to this platform as an affiliate. It’s completely free to do so and it will only take you a couple of minutes to do so in 4 steps.

In any case, to register for the site – click on Create Account. Enter your First and Last name, your Traffic id (it can be any name you like to identify yourself – for quick & easy reference) and lastly enter your Email Address. Now from there they’ll ask you for more information, your physical address where you’re from and then you will proceed to fill in the payment information and finally you’ll just need to Agree to their Terms to create your account.

Once you have created an account, the above image is what you will see. This will be your Personal Dashboard where you will be able to get your affiliate link and as most of you know, whenever someone clicks on it they will be redirected to EntireWeb referred by you. And if they proceed to search for something, you’ll get paid 20 cents per click. From your dashboard, you can also view how many clicks you have gotten and of course how much money you have made. With that being said guys since now you have an account, just share your affiliate link with your Whatsapp or Social Media Group. As an example you can message your family, friends and contacts like this;


Better than Google?

“Try this NEW & FREE Search Engine!

(Put Your Affiliate Link Here)

Search & Explore to your heart’s content – I bet you’ll like it!


*Additional Pointers for your Affiliate Link – shorten your link with free url shortener such as” bit.ly”, good luck!

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